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The family business has been raising sheep on a small farm in eastern Nebraska for over 35 years.

The owners – a professional shepherd and a fiber artist – are committed to the production of quality fleece and lamb.  The expantion of the flock in 2008 and the re- introduction of natural colored wool in 2009, with the emphasis on wool for the craft industry has proved successful. The foundation sires are of Corriedale and Columbia origins, and NCWGA registry of some.

In the spring of 2012, the opportunity came about to expand the farm. With the sheep numbers already on the rise, we all were ready for ‘new pastures’. An additional 17 acres adjoining us to the north will eventually mean a smorgasboard for the “Ewes'; in the meantime, a lot of work for ‘Us’. But it’s all welcome.

Visit my Etsy shop for handmade wool and felt art- http://EweAndUs.etsy.com

Visit my blog to keep up with happenings on the farm- – www.eweandus.blogspot.com

Questions may be directed to:

Rhonda McClure
Ewe And Us
859 County Road 18
Wahoo, NE 68066

Phone:  402-443-5498